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 Cascade Technologies     FLAIR 2007  -  Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research, September 2-7, 2007, Florence, Italy




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FLAIR Industry Session 2007

with short oral Presentations and Exhibition


Session Chairman :


Peter Werle - National Institute for Applied Optics, Florence, I


When the first working laser was reported in 1960, it was described as "a solution looking for a problem." Today, lasers are everywhere: from research laboratories at the cutting edge of quantum physics to medical clinics and other field applications.

This Session will present state-of-the-art Lasers, Components, Software and Systems, which are commercially available for diagnostic purposes in Applied Spectroscopy, Stable Isotope Ratio Measurements, Ecology and Environmental Research, Medicine, Life Sciences and Agriculture, Plasma and Combustion, Atmospheric Research and Industrial Applications. It will provide a platform for information exchange between representatives from Research & Development Laboratories, Industry and End-Users.


Part 1: Lasers & Technology : for program on Monday click here

Part 2: Systems & Applications : for program on Wednesday click here


Eric Kerstel, Center for IsotopeResearch, Groningen
with Johannes Koeth, Nanoplus GmbH




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