Special Issue

You can find online the previous special issues:

FLAIR 2007

FLAIR 2009

FLAIR 2011

FLAIR 2014


FLAIR 2016


The first five editions of FLAIR were assigned a special issue by Applied Physics B. There has been a recent change in the editorial policy of this Journal. Papers belonging to a "Topical Collection" are published as soon as they are ready, in the first available issue of the Journal. They are labelled as included in the Topical Collection, and are grouped in a web page, which can be called within the list of Topical Collections. A printed version of the Special Issue as we distributed in the past, will be no longer made available.

We found the same policy in other Journals that we considered for a Special Issue.

Since we do not think this new policy matches the expectations of the FLAIR community, we decided not to produce a Special Issue, neither in Appl. Phys. B, nor in any other journal. Instead, we encourage all participants to share with us the details of publications directly related to work presented at FLAIR 2018. We will then publish a list of these publications, including links to repositories (such as ArXiv) and journal sites, on this page.

We would like to remind you here that we suggest to use the expression "Allan-Werle variance", instead of "Allan variance".