Industry Session 2018


BOREAL - Open Path Laser Gas Analyzers for Quantitative Measurement of Gas Leaks and Fugitive Emissions

NEO MONITORS - IROSS Advanced signal processing for near- and mid-infrared in-situ applications

SACHER - Quantum Cascade Laser for TDLAS and QEPAS Gas Sensor

NTT-EL - Wavelength scanning lasers for spectroscopy

REDWAVE LABS - Electronics and Lasers for Spectroscopic Applications

HAMAMATSU - Recent development for quantum cascade lasers and IR-detectors

PSI - Quantitative Gas Imager and Leak Rate Estimator

AERODYNE - Analytical tools for rapid troubleshooting and instrument improvement

NANOPLUS - Recent technical achievements and corresponding applications

AXETRIS - Compact OEM TDLS based gas sensor for portable applications and applications with limited space

AERIS - Field Applications of portable MIRA Pico MIR laser-based gas analyzers: Natural Gas, Formaldehyde, CO, and N2O monitoring

VERTILAS - InP long wavelength VCSEL devices, their latest technological progress and deployment in NIR TDLS applications

ALPES LASERS - New Frontiers of QCLs: Frequency Comb Lasers and Extended Tuning Systems

THERMO - Using Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer to determine δ13C of CaCO3 carbonate and DIC samples and δ18O of water

VIGO - Infrared Balanced Detection Module based on HOT HgCdTe detectors

DAYLIGHT SOLUTIONS: Advances in ECqcL Tuning Parameters and Applications in Portable MID-IR Spectrometers

LGR/ABB - Novel gas analyzers based on off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy

AIROPTIC - Application of tunable laser formaldehyde analyzer for real time process control and emission monitoring in wood panel industry

IRSWEEP - Single-shot microsecond-resolved spectroscopy of the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle with quantum cascade laser frequency combs

SIEMENS - High resolution quantitative multi-species hydrocarbon gas sensing with a cw EC-QCL

MGO - MIRa-Guide waveguide-based mid infrared laser spectroscopy