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· P. Werle and F. D´Amato, “Editorial : Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research

· L. Ciaffoni, G. Hancock, P. L. Hurst, M. Kingston, C. E. Langley, R. Peverall, G. A. D. Ritchie, K. E. Whittaker: "Demonstration of a widely tunable digital supermode distributed Bragg reflector laser as a versatile source for near-infrared spectroscopy"

· T. Svensson, E. Adolfsson, M. Burresi, R. Savo, C. T. Xu, D. S. Wiersma, S. Svanberg: "Pore size assessment based on wall collision broadening of spectral lines of confined gas: experiments on strongly scattering nanoporous ceramics with fine-tuned pore sizes"

·  A. Castrillo, A. Gambetta, D. Gatti, G. Galzerano, P. Laporta, M. Marangoni, L. Gianfrani: "Absolute molecular density determinations by direct referencing of a quantum cascade laser to an optical frequency comb"

· A. Foltynowicz, P. Masłowski, A. J. Fleisher, B. J. Bjork, J. Ye: "Cavity-enhanced optical frequency comb spectroscopy in the mid-infrared application to trace detection of hydrogen peroxide"

· A. Hangauer, J. Chen, R. Strzoda, M.-C. Amann: "Multi-harmonic detection in wavelength modulation spectroscopy systems

· J. A. Nwaboh, J. Hald, J. K. Lyngsø, J. C. Petersen, O. Werhahn: "Measurements of CO2 in a multipass cell and in a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber at 2 μm"

· A. Hartmann, R. Strzoda, R. Weigel: "Automatic identification of wavelength range of VCSEL-based gas sensor using ratios of gas absorption lines"

· S.M. Cristescu, D. Marchenko, J. Mandon, K. Hebelstrup, G. W. Griffith, L.A.J. Mur, F.J.M. Harren: "Spectroscopic monitoring of NO traces in plants and human breath: applications and perspectives"

· Kang Sun, Lei Tao, David J. Miller, M. Amir Khan, Mark A. Zondlo: "Inline multi-harmonic calibration method for open-path atmospheric ammonia measurements"

· J. Hodgkinson, D. Masiyano, R. P. Tatam: "Using integrating spheres with wavelength modulation spectroscopy: effect of pathlength distribution on 2nd harmonic signals"

· M. Brandstetter, L. Volgger, A. Genner, C. Jungbauer, B. Lendl: "Direct determination of glucose, lactate and triglycerides in blood serum by a tunable quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR sensor"

· C.J. Smith, S. So, L. Xia, S. Pitz, K. Szlavecz, D. Carlson, A. Terzis, G. Wysocki: "Wireless laser spectroscopic sensor node for atmospheric CO2 monitoring—laboratory and field test"

· B. Buchholz, B. Kühnreich, H.G.J. Smit, V. Ebert: "Validation of an extractive, airborne, compact TDL spectrometer for atmospheric humidity sensing by blind intercomparison"

· V.L. Kasyutich, D. Poulidi, M. Jalil, I.S. Metcalfe, P.A. Martin: "Application of a cw quantum cascade laser CO2 analyser to catalytic oxidation reaction monitoring"

· J.J. Scherer, J.B. Paul, H.J. Jost, Marc L. Fischer: "Mid-IR difference frequency laser-based sensors for ambient CH4, CO, and N2O monitoring"






FLAIR - 2014



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Selected papers from this conference will be published 

in Applied Physics B : Lasers and Optics

Guest Editors: F. D‘Amato and A. Fried