Industry Session 2014

FLAIR - 2014



Alpes Lasers

A. Müller

Experimental assessment of predictive modelling of QC Lasers


Yoshiki Nishida

Three micron tunable wavelength conversion lasers

EOS Photonics

Mark F. Witinski

Monolithic Packaged QCL Arrays for Portable High Performance Spectroscopy


Naota Akikusa

Recent development for quantum cascade lasers and IR-detectors





Markus Ortsiefer

Achievements and prospects for long-wavelength VCSELs in optical sensing applications


Barry McManus

Quantum Cascade Laser Based Trace Gas Instruments at Aerodyne Research, Inc.


Dayle McDermitt

Measurements of Methane Emissions Using the LI-7700 Open Path Methane Analyzer: Instrument and Methodology Perspectives Resulting from Open-path Low-power Design

Sensor Sense

Sacco te Lintel Hekkert

QCL-based photoacoustic spectroscopy for detection of ammonia in the automotive industry




Los Gatos Research

Doug Baer

Recent advances in instrumentation for measurement of trace gases and isotope ratios


Clinton Smith

Current and emerging laser sensors for greenhouse gas detection and monitoring

Thermo Fisher

Hans-Jürg Jost

Delta Ray: an Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer for Simultaneous measurements of carbon and oxygen isotopologues of CO2

Philips Technologie -Ulm Photonics

Martin Grabherr

Vertical cavity lasers emitting at 750 to 1050 nm designed for sensing applications


Lars Hildebrandt

Mid-Infrared Distributed Feedback Interband Cascade Lasers for Spectroscopic Applications




Laser Components

Joe Kunsch

Recent Developments in InGaAs and Extended InGaAs Detectors

Norsk Elektro Optikk

Peter Geiser

LaserGas Q: Mid-infrared nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide sensors for emission control applications

Daylight Solutions

Sam Crivello

Updates and future outlooks for compact tuneable external cavity quantum cascade lasers (ECqcL™)


Jan Schaefer

First-grade lasers for science & industry

Gestione Silo

Simone Donati

Manufacturing of thin glass shell for primary mirror for LATT