FLAIR - 2014



Dear friends and colleagues !

After two editions in Germany FLAIR comes back to Italy, but in a different period than usual. There are two good reasons for this: last years, september has been a very hot period in Italy, while in may the weather is much more friendly. Moreover FLAIR will take place immediately after the EGU meeting in Wien, so facilitating travels for participants coming from very far Countries.


You are invited to be part of "FLAIR 2014 - Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research", where researchers and industry can talk, listen and develop integrative projects on all aspects of spectroscopic analysis. We aim to stimulate new research initiatives and field laser applications with a broad interdisciplinary approach. FLAIR will bring our research aims together, and will allow networking among different applications and scientific disciplines.

FLAIR provides overview lectures by international experts emphasizing integrative and multi-disciplinary approaches. We attract not only specialists, but also people, who know quite well measurement challenges in industry and research, but may have only little knowledge about laser based solutions. An industry session with exhibition, poster sessions and short oral presentations will take place. The venue is 12 km north of Florence, among the hills of Mugello, in the period May 5-9, 2014 at the
Hotel Demidoff. We have ensured you will have the opportunity to discover history and art in Florence and enjoy Tuscan cuisine. Part of the concept of FLAIR is to stay in the same place, to maximize interaction in an informal atmosphere and create a core group for furthering Laser Application in Industry and Research as a cross-disciplinary science.

Join us and make
FLAIR 2014 as successful as FLAIR 2011, FLAIR 2009 and FLAIR 2007 before !


Francesco DŽAmato and Peter Werle




FLAIR 2014 Chairmen and Organizers


Peter Werle
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT IMK-IFU
Kreuzeckbahnstr. 19

82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany



Francesco D'Amato
National Institute of Optics CNR-INO
Largo E. Fermi 6
50125 Firenze, Italy